The fields of force between two billiard balls make them decelerate or accelerate.

Their mass as kinetic energy is borrowed from the faster ball and transferred to the slower one through the field.

This is possible because standing waves undergo the Doppler effect.


Please note that if both balls are captured and glued together in the middle of the process by the field of force, this becomes the equivalent of a spring capable of throwing them away at high speed.

This field of force contains energy and it will liberate energy if the capture mechanism is neutralized.


Fields of force.

Any oscillating system such as a pendulum may theoretically oscillate endlessly because kinetic energy is periodically transferred into a gravitational field of force, and again into kinetic energy.

Even though one can list many kinds of fields, the main principle is always the same. All fields of force are the result of the addition of waves emitted by two material bodies. This produces standing waves. Then this system is amplified by all aether waves in the vicinity and it radiates the equivalent energy toward both bodies. As seen by any unmoving observer with respect to the field of force, the radiation pressure is equal on both sides and the field pushes (yet the force may also be negative and most often neutral) both bodies equally according to the mass ratio.

This is Newton's action and reaction law, which proves to be true from a relative point of view.


Fields of force contain energy.

Actually, all laws can finally be explained using solely waves.

The important point is that fields of force contain energy. Energy was accessible through carbon vs. oxygen combustion or other chemical reactions, volcanic and solar heat, or wind. More recently, electricity could be extracted directly from light. Many other devices such as electropositive and electronegative electrodes can also produce electricity.

And finally, nuclear fusion or fission liberates very few but still huge quantities of energy which was stocked inside gluonic fields.

I am of an opinion that this avenue could lead us to a much easier and cleaner way to obtain energy. I am working alone and I am much too old to obtain positive results in a near future. So, instead of investing billions and billions in a non-productive Higg's boson, it would be advisable to spend a little money on this hypothesis because it is the only reasonable one.



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